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When one hundred and thirty satellites came crashing around my head, I saw no sense in taking cover. I looked at the table, I turned my head left and looked at the bus shelter, I turned around and saw a truck – all useless. An old Russian telescope landed near me, flaming and battered, it punched a hole in the ground and spat tar and dirt out every direction.
I looked up at the sky. It looked like a meteor shower of debris raining through the atmosphere in an orange haze of extreme heat. All this space junk just purged from orbit and plunging back to the surface of the Earth.
One other person was standing still, just looking up amidst the frightened screams of pedestrians sprinting to and fro like midges in the air, frenzied and aimless. She was wearing a white rain jacket that fell all the way to her ankles. She held her hands up in the air as if embracing a refreshing blanket of rain on a warm Summers day. A solar panel brushed over her head and ploughed into a bus, severing it
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Today, I hear no obtrusive tones.
My mind is at sea with the horizon as my muse.
Hustle is there, bustle is present,
But I am deaf to its meddling din.
If I were to stand at the edge of a star and watch it die,
The burst would strain my eyes.
But with no air – I hear no sound.
I see a beautiful supernova, blossom like a cherry tree.
Clarity killed my woes, and now they pass like ghosts,
Unheard and fading away,
Feebly haunting me, blatantly desperate,
They give-up and move on.
Today I stand, triumphant upon a molehill,
A molehill!
Like a god, who can shrink the fjords and mountains,
And clear them with one step, to continue my journey.
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One More Dusk
The rippled ocean looked only dapper, garnished beautifully in amber gems.  A gentle breeze gave life to her silken purple dress, forming wave after wave of perfect creases with no straight lines in sight. She wore the garment habitually and moved with the deftness of a feline – as though this gown were bound to her skin.
Close to her side on the horizon was a handsome man with azure-blue eyes. His full-silver hair swayed gently with each puff of wind. Vast was his charisma, and upon his face were speckles of white stubble, lacing his dark skin. In a moment of comfortable silence, a very special gift was furnished forth – a crescent-moon pendant for the lady to wear around her slender neck.
Sam watched the scene unfold before his eyes, a meeting of the sea and sky at dusk. The perfect straight line, which harmonized the two entities, was almost invisible - they were one and the same. One of the back wheels was still gyrating, but losing its momentum and the smell of
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Welding a Cage
Rattling wrought bars makes a racket,
Unpleasant to the ear of the welder.
A prison made from tulips and Gods…
…would wilt and abandon –
If not for the noise.
Know and –fear- the noise of a cage.
My time is a note,
A fading note.
But to finish with crescendo before the breath leaves my lungs –
Would be in harmony to a rattling cage.
Gulliver was pinned and Goliath was slain,
Now by a similar milieu our dreams are unraveled,
By the smaller man.
The cage is familiar and warming,
My pneuma is frozen outside.
The bars are cold too, forging my hands to their surface.
Perhaps I will stay here forever,
Rattling the cage – from the inside.
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Mature content
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The Lego Man
The Lego Man
By Richard Pritzel
© 2008
The Lego man is pre-disposed,
There’s little he doesn’t know,
When he wears a brand new suit or hat,
It isn’t just for show.
His career is never boring,
His life is always a laugh
He only needs to change his clothes,
And his life will change as fast.
He knows no complications,
He has no learning curve,
When he does a job, He does it well,
And with unending verve.
A perfect person – the Lego man,
Not too thin or fat,
Which is funny, cause he’s plastic too…
…how ironic is that?
:iconphoenixflamex:PhoenixFlameX 1 0
Richard Pritzel
© 2007
Find me, years from now with miles under my heels, floating away from the mainland on a misty iceberg. The tip of my new home will crunch under the ski’s of my wings, frost will cling to my boots. Inside my rustic wooden cottage, I’m hungry. Laying my Martini glass on the top of an old book from my teenage years won’t trouble me much. Then I put my hand on the cold leather of my seat to arise to my feet. On my way out the door, I gather a long rod with some tough line to reel in the mightiest of foes in the river. This is my little adventure. I shall hear a whimper from the pens, I look over. They’ve gathered at the fence, peering over with zealous piercing-blue eyes - my Huskies. Panting, their breath becomes a tangible mist as white as the snow on which they leave their wolf-like prints, which rises and disappears into the bright blue sky above. Falcon, Eagle, Hornet, Tomcat, Raptor and Hog dance about each other vying for attention
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She Spells Dyslexic With a Six
The worst example of a golden heart:
Is sound asleep tonight
This time, only bed-sheets between her legs.
Pummel her spirit into the ground
Give her something to talk about
She’ll make a hero out of anyone.
She made a Hero out of me
Yet, here I stand with no virtue
She loves the feel of the same hand that’s trying to tear her down.
There is no Karma anymore
There is no weakening images
It’s just me, alone at last.
A brief trip into the unknown
And now I want to leave this planet forever
Blow-out the blast off with your lips and I’ll crash back.

When the dust settles,
You’ll forever be:
The girl who jumped from the edge of the Earth
In your own time
Come back around
And make someone proud.
:iconphoenixflamex:PhoenixFlameX 3 3
Reload. Use Arrows.
I’ve lost my Throne,
My legacy, shamed.
Impaled on an arrow,
My Kingdom, it claimed.
A Master Assassin,
A poisonous tongue,
Blows cold as the Arctic,
Glows hot as the Sun.
My Princess is here,
To tend to my wounds,
She cannot be told
The Kingdom’s in ruins.
The halls where I dwell,
The bed where I sleep,
Becoming a blur
This arrow struck deep.
The Peasants are troubled,
The Jesters are grim,
My eyes don’t deceive me,
The Princess doth grin.
She lowers her bow,
Leans close to my lips.
Lays waste to my throne,
With her poisonous kiss.
:iconphoenixflamex:PhoenixFlameX 1 1
The Circle
The Circle
Richard Pritzel
© 2007
Hanging around,
Circling the drain.
Rounding off my losses,
Rotund disdain.
A ring complete?
Or a shattered band?
Globular events,
Sea surrounds - no land.
Spherical planets,
In curved Space.
Orbit in peace,
Encompassing grace.
A broken disk,
Stuck on loop.
Wheels in my head stop,
My mind turned to soup.
360 Degrees
Of circular tripe.
I stand on the fulcrum,
I swing for the dice.
Her beautiful halo,
My spinning mind.
What goes around comes around,
That’s as straight as a line.
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